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Content Distribution Strategies
Content Distribution Strategies For Marketers – Tech Stack Crunch

This is so common in B2B…

Have you got to the stage where you have like a few hundreds of Marketing pieces but you only see a small portion of them actually performing?

And when we say performing, we mean generating revenue for your business, nothing else.
If that’s the case you should STOP focusing on creation and START driving demand with proper distribution – This post is exactly for you!

Many B2B Marketing teams are focusing on content creation without tracking important KPIs and setting up clear goals to report on their efforts and the reason being simple, it is much easier to create content nowadays regardless if you’re using an in-house content writer, a freelance content writer, or an AI content generator software all are giving you clarity and some sort of piece of mind about the content creation process, unfortunately the distribution part of things this is where many Marketers are failing to deliver.

5 content distribution strategies to help you get more eyeballs on your content

Now that we all admit we have an issue with our content distribution approach, here are the top 5 ways Marketing teams can distribute their content.

1. PDF submission websites

Not a lot of Marketing teams are aware of this method but PDF submission sites are a great way to help you rank for relevant keywords and for more people to discover your content (e.g. Case studies, Guides, Whitepapers, and more) and generally improving your SEO strategy mix.

Why does this method work?

  • Links are coming from high DA websites.
  • Another source that repurpose the content piece (PDF) mix.
  • Pieces are easily indexed by Google and show up on search results for target keywords.
  • You get the chance to gain maximum visibility for our pieces (PDF) because those are hosted on reputable websites and trigger relevant search queries.

What will success look like?

  • Increase in content downloads (some websites allow you to see metrics like downloads, views, etc).
  • Increase in website traffic to target pages.
  • Increase in your Domain authority score (for higher rankings).
  • Content goes viral (others can share this content on their website or social media posts).

What’s the process?

  • Create a PDF version of the content you want to promote, make sure it’s fully designed and include relevant links to your site.
  • Signup and make a profile if available.
  • Assign your file with the correct category.
  • Also assign title, tags and description.
  • Submit it and you will get a live indexed URL of your PDF.

2. Ask for a backlink from top niche related websites

This one is the oldest trick in the book, and yes it’s still working after the latest Google update. The idea is to look for websites that rank on Google first page results for relevant keywords and have a decent amount of traffic and ask them to link back to your piece. 

Why does this method work?

  • By getting a link from one of those top ranked websites you get the chance to get the relevant traffic this exact website gets.
  • It shows that your brand is relevant and authoritative in the eyes of Google.
  • Easy to track and report on Marketing influence on revenue.
  • Natural process to drive highly targeted traffic that is topic and keyword related.

What will success look like?

  • Increase in website traffic (from ref source).
  • Improved # of qualified calls from demo requests.
  • More time on page (lower bounce rate).
  • Increase in page authority and rankings for relevant keywords. 

What’s the process?

  • Choose the article you would like to promote, and Google search for the main topic.
  • Then, look for articles that are ranked on the first page (just under the promoted ones) and look for the website contact information.
  • If you cannot find one, you can look for the article author on LinkedIn and reach out to them.

3. Influencer outreach – social media shoutout

The idea here is to research individual leaders in your space and find the ones who are most active, have a decent amount of followers and are ready to collaborate. 

Did you know that one shoutout from an influencer with 30k followers on LInkedin, Twitter or TikTok can be more effective than a paid campaign that runs for a month!?

Why does this method work?

  • More traffic from relevant audiences as those influencers are leaders in their space and their audience is relevant and engaged with their content.
  • Broader and relatively cheaper reach to relevant audiences when compared to the traditional paid ads process.
  • Build trust in relevant niches compared to paid ads, as it comes from an individual not a brand.

What will success look like?

  • Increased # of content downloads/Demo requests/webinar registrations or any other conversion goal you want to achieve from this initiative.
  • Increased # of relevant business page followers.
  • More brand searches on Google (can be easily tracked using Search console). -> increase in ‘Direct traffic’.

What’s the process?

  • Use an influencer outreach template to build your list.
  • Make sure they have a decent amount of followers (anything above 5k is good). Also make sure they’re active (check their recent posts).
  • Reach out to them via email or DM them on LinkedIn and or Twitter.
How much time does your Marketing spend in content creation Vs. how much time they spend on distribution?

4. Quora & Reddit 

Today, buyers are going to Quora and Reddit to get genuine opinions about a product or service. Getting a profile on those two platforms is not only beneficial in terms of SEO but will also help you showcase your industry expertise while answering questions and becoming an active contributor in relevant discussions.

Why does this method work?

  • Relevance. Commenting and linking back to your website from relevant discussion topics that are seen by millions of people on a monthly basis.
  • People go to those platforms to read unbiased reviews and consume content that is genuine.
  • Constant traffic source. If your answers will be relevant and helpful you should see constant and targeted traffic coming from this source.

What will success look like?

  • Increase in rankings for relevant keywords.
  • Increase in website traffic from source = ref/quora/reddit.
  • Increase in # of demo requests by topic.
  • Increase in ‘Upvotes’ in both platforms (it will serve as a snapshot to how you’re doing and how helpful your content really is).

What’s the process?

  • Google search for the main topic you would like to promote and add the word Quora / Reddit.
  • Create a profile (you can use your Gmail for easy set up).
  • Start contributing to the discussion, and don’t forget to link back to your website.

5. Slack communities

Slack communities are HOT!
We found that the content being shared there is often much better than what we can find elsewhere. Look for relevant Slack communities and become active in sharing your content, experience, and expertise in your domain.

Why does this method work?

  • Best channel to share your learnings and new pieces with niche related audiences.
  • It’s FREE and you also get the chance to network with other like-minded people.
  • Content is accessible to anyone in the same channel and can easily be found using Slack’s search option.
  • Also your Sales team can join the relevant Slack channels and start conversations about the content Marketing shared in this channel with relevant prospects.

What will success look like?

  • Increased number of brand searches in Google.
  • Increased downloads for your shared Marketing collaterals over Slack.
  • Engagement rates and the number of valuable conversations should rise.
  • Increase in demo requests coming from ‘Direct’ traffic source.

What’s the process?

  • Search for the relevant Slack community/Channel by typing in relevant keywords in Google and or LinkedIn.
  • Join the relevant community/channel.
  • Connect with potential prospects that match your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).
  • Start distributing valuable content across the community.

Summing up

While there are many ways for Marketers to distribute their content we still see many Marketing teams struggle in adopting various content distribution methods and fail to deliver on their content strategy efforts.

What Marketing and content teams should realize is that great content doesn’t just rank for being great, it must be built on and promoted by a mix of healthy foundations and channels.

Content distribution is a vital piece of your content marketing strategy. It is also the key to boosting your brand, getting more followers, and encouraging your ideal prospects and community to interact, engage, and become customers just because you know how to address their pain in your content pieces. 

We hope that you can put the above mentioned content distribution tips and tricks into play to get more eyeballs on your content and drive revenue.

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