Marketing On a Budget, 5 Strategies B2B SaaS Marketing Teams Must Adopt; Tips, Tricks, Key Takeaways 

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With recession hitting across the globe Marketing budgets get cut off, layoffs become vague, and more B2B SaaS companies are now just looking to keep their head above the water. How can marketers adapt to this new age? And what should be the main focus when doing Marketing on a tight budget? We would try to answer these and more, keep reading…

The Ever-Changing B2B SaaS Space, How Marketing Teams Should Stay Updated On The Latest Industry Trends?

With so many changes in the Marketing space, from recession to the ever changing buyer journey, and the rise of new MarTech tools, how should Marketing teams stay up to date with the latest trends? Here are a few ways to keep your Marketing team in the know.

With so many changes in the Marketing space, from recession to the ever changing buyer journey, and the rise of new MarTech tools, how should Marketing teams stay up to date with the latest trends? Here are a few ways to keep your Marketing team in the know.

1. Subscribe to industry leading newsletters

Staying in the know with everything relevant to you about your industry and outside will help you and your team to discover new technology, learn what other teams are doing, and how other businesses just like yours tackle some of their biggest challenges.

2. Community is key

It is no secret that being a part of a community of like-minded people is the best way for anyone who’s looking for more than just networking. The insights you can gain from communities in Slack or LinkedIn is something you can’t get elsewhere.

3. Podcasts 

There’s nothing better than just listening to industry leaders in your space while you’re driving to work, jugging, or just taking a shower. Podcasts are a popular way to stay up to date and are completely versatile so you can listen on the go without feeling like you’re wasting your time.

4. Social media

LinkedIn, and TikTok are leaders when it comes to staying on trend. The amount of content shared by industry leaders among those two platforms is enormous and helpful.
People share their expertise, knowledge, and professional and life experiences using multiple ways.

5. Get feedback from your customers 

This one never gets too old. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and by talking to them about your product or service you and your team can reveal some interesting key takeaways and learning you won’t find elsewhere. 

Don’t Start With Paid Ads Before Building Healthy Foundations

First hone in on your messaging, positioning, website, buyer personas – Very common mistake for B2B Saas as they are looking for quick wins but in reality it doesn’t work like that so they spend money for nothing.

The moment you turn off your paid ads, that’s it, traffic is stopped and your business is shut down and that’s why running paid ads before taking care of your messaging, content strategy, positioning, and your overall brand awareness and organic demand generation strategies will not be ideal for your business.

Don’t burn your money on paid ads before crafting healthy foundations – Tech Stack Crunch.

5 Strategies B2B SaaS Marketing Teams Must Adopt 

1. Email, email, email

Don’t buy lists!
Create the perfect content that will perfectly resonate with your ICPs, aim to solve their real problems and you’ll grow your mailing list lightning fast.
Keep in mind, it’s about the quality of your subscribers, not the quantity!

2. SEO

Before you even start thinking of running paid ads, invest in SEO by conducting a thorough keyword research, understand what your target audience is really looking for and start implementing the right keywords in everything you do, on and off your website.

3. Get ALL employees active on social media

Nothing’s better than social organic reach. Make sure your employees are committed and are actually going to enjoy this as much as possible. Try to make it a habit and an important part of their daily routine, a daily placeholder on their calendar will be a great way to start helping them get more active on social media and help you build a strong brand awareness. 

4. Leverage intent data

In case you already have an SDR team, even if it’s really small right now, make sure they reach out to people based on ‘intent’. There are so many great tools out there that will help your SDR team to make the perfect outreach to people that are most likely to BUY, and not just people that are within your ICP range.
Avoid the spray and pray methodology, it never worked.

5. Promote thought leadership from within

Besides making your employees feel important, you create a powerful brand that will quickly make a HUGE impact within your particular niche. After all, being a thought leader means to consistently answer the biggest questions on the minds of the target audience on a particular topic. Can you see the power of promoting thought leadership from within?

Give them the opportunity to shine!

Why TikTok & Instagram Reels Are Here To Stay And What Your Marketing Team Should Do About It?

If you haven’t yet, Open a TikTok and Instagram business account and start posting relevant content there even if you think that your customers are not really there, they will have to adopt sooner or later.

And when they do, you should already be there.
As opposed to Instagram, the high organic reach of TikTok is the most important  factor for B2B marketers and SaaS businesses. The video nature of TikTok content allows organizations of all types to create emotional connections with potential clients, showcase their products, and expand their reach at a fairly lower cost than other social platforms.

Instagram on the other hand is also a great platform for B2B marketers. It provides the ability for making new connections in almost any industry, at almost any stage in their development. With more than 600 million users and still growing rapidly, it’s a gold mine for connecting with your current and potential customers.

Incorporating video content into your marketing strategy will help provide higher levels of engagement from your audience and significantly increase conversion rates on both Instagram and TikTok, as they allow customers better understand your products and services and build trust across your brand.

Under The Hood

During downturns, marketers must balance efforts and spend and ensure short and long term business longevity and sales against investments in long-term brand health. Honing in on expanding current client portfolios, improving services and product features, and bolstering trust are three effective ways of meeting these goals.

History shows us that those who chose not to invest in Marketing during an economic turndown, saw 0% market share increase and a rise in sales of only 12% once the economy regained traction. So, if you’re still unsure if you should put effort into your Marketing, the answer is crystal clear: In times of uncertainty you should double down on your Marketing budget while others keep hesitant.

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