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February 3, 2024

6 Top Digital Adoption Platforms You Should Consider For Your Corporate, Tips, Tricks, & Expert Reviews On How To Get Started

With so many corporations implementing and relying on new technology to take their organization one step forward, the increasing demand for DAP, also known as Digital Adoption Platform is constantly on the rise.

The reason being simple, these corporations employ thousands of individuals with different backgrounds, EQ, and skills, and in order to ensure positive ROI, full adoption, and increasing usability in the new software they have purchased they need Digital Adoption Platforms to insure that the new software is being used properly by the different individuals working for the organization.

The concept of DAP is new, before using Digital Adoption Platforms, corporations spent much time, resources, and labor force to try and implement new software solutions with the aim of seeing positive ROI, today, thanks to the technology behind Digital Adoption Platforms, this tasks become easier, more automated, and digestible for both the corporations and their employees.

Imagine yourself, implementing this new revenue intelligence platform, or even a new project management software, how can you ensure that your staff will make the most out of it and will completely adopt it as their go to tool? That’s exactly where Digital Adoption Platforms blends in.

Today we’ll be discussing the increasing adoption for DAP, and will cover top benefits of using DAP, and who are the top vendors within this new and exciting category.

Let’s dive right into it…

What is a digital adoption platform?

Digital adoption platform (DAP) is a software that seamlessly integrates with a set of applications in order to help current users to become educated about the application. The best digital adoption platforms use self-explanatory walk-throughs, videos, self-help menus, and more valuable features to easily guide the user through every step of their new application adoption journey.

Unlike traditional software, which require much effort in terms of onboarding, tutoring, integrations, and adoption in general, Digital Adoption Platforms are easy to implement, maintain, and aim to help taking your corporate business to it’s next stage of growth and help your employees adopting the new enterprise grade software you purchased for them to use.

The whole idea behind DAP, is that the software tutor users through different stages of the application, and offer step-by-step instructions to help them complete specific tasks until they show a certain level of proficiency in the new application, and until the digital adoption is completed based on the pre defined goals set by the corporate.

Digital Adoption, as a concept, means, helping your different employees to adapt new technologies, and can be implemented across a wide range of applications such as, but not limited to: Customer Service & Ticketing Systems, Customer Success Software, Data Visualization Tools, Sales Engagement Platforms, and much more.

The benefits of implementing the right digital adoption platform for your enterprise

Now that we have a better idea of what Digital Adoption Platforms are all about, let’s take a closer look at what are the actual benefits corporations implementing DAP systems are actually gaining.

Shorter onboarding & training

Any company regardless it’s nature, or the market it served which uses Digital Adoption Platform see on average shorter onboarding and training simply since DAP are built in a way that all the concept is very clear, and structured in a way that requires zero educational materials, no personal or one on one training with an account manager, everything that happens within the application, stays and recorded there which automatically reduces the onboarding and training times to almost none.

Even when looking to implement DAP on top of a new CRM software your company just purchased, the process, integration, and entire training around it is very simple. It was built that way with the idea that all employees are different in the way they think, and in the way they adapt to new technology.

Less support needed – Self-serve methodology

With Digital Adoption Platforms taking a big leap and being implemented by the world’s greatest companies it makes absolute sense that there will be no support tickets, no user frustration, and all thanks to the perfect alignment between it’s self-serve nature and product led growth approach. This very unique combination between self-serve platform and the fact that it is also supporting PLG model in a way, makes it very dynamic and likeable by its users.

Think of DAP as your guiding light when starting to use a new software that is just being implemented by your organization’s stakeholders. Many of us will consider DAP as a real life saver since it really helps you to get to know new solutions as it perfectly integrates with any type of software.

Insights and complete overview of user adoption

One of the most important things in Digital Adoption Platform is its unique ability and features showing you how many employees have adopted the new solution, who is lagging behind, the different stages the employees are currently at, and suggestions and improvements with real time dashboard reporting on the progress.

One of the real game changer when it comes to DAP is the way the platform can easily justify the spend, for instance, you spent 500K USD on implementing a new DAP for your corporate, with the real time reports and insights you are quickly being able to generate you can see the projected ROI for your DAP spend, plus, when you should break even or show profit based on the progress of your project.

Top Digital Adoption Platforms you should get to know –
TSC team top picks

After clearly seeing the benefits of implementing a Digital Adoption Platform for your company, and understanding of the DAP methodology, now it’s time for you to unveil who are the top vendors within the Digital Adoption Platforms space – Our team, here at Tech Stack Crunch decided to make things easy for you by choosing our top 6 vendors in this exciting category:

Walkme is the pioneer of the DAP category and has been recognized by Gartner, as the first DAP solution for enterprises who are looking to scale their operations for large teams and easily adopt new technologies.
Using advanced AI algorithms, analytics, engagement, guidance and automation, WalkMe’s DAP helps users complete tasks easily within any enterprise software, mobile application or website.

Whatfix is a popular and easy to use Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies deliver modern and easy onboarding, effective training and excellent support to users through contextual content displayed at the time of need. Whatfix powers up software solutions by lending incredible simplicity, intuitiveness, and personalization.

Pendo helps enterprises understand whether the products and features they’re building are being used and if so, by whom. With Pendo product analytics capabilities, you can determine which features users embrace and ignore and how they navigate across your product portfolio.

Userflow is a user onboarding platform for building product tours and onboarding checklists, tailored to your app and your users. No coding needed. Userflow has one of the fastest flow builders on the market, allowing you to build highly-sophisticated flows and checklists to streamline your tailored employees’ experience.

Appcues is an in-app user engagement platform meant to empower your non-technical employees. It allows them to create targeted modals, guided tours and other types of user experiences without having to burden engineering with the implementation, everything is self-served.

Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps enterprises optimize their business processes. Apty combines the power of on-screen guidance with the time-saving automation of proactive process compliance.

Things to consider when evaluating a new digital adoption platform software

We already explored the impressive stats and benefits behind Digital Adoption Platforms, who are the top players within this booming category, and why you should be implementing DAP in case you’re running an enterprise grade company. But, what are the real things you should be looking at when evaluating your new Digital Adoption solution? Here are a few expert tips on what you should be looking at.

Advanced analytics

One of the most important features when looking to purchase a new Digital Adoption Platform is its ability to report instantly on what’s going on within your organization.
Anything from:

  • Where users face pitfalls and are struggling.
  • Where most mistakes are happening.
  • Areas of difficulties.
  • Which steps take more time to complete, and which takes less.

The above mentioned pointers will help you gain actionable insights and make better and more educated decisions about your next moves.


Another crucial aspect to look at when evaluating your new DAP solution, is the ease of use, user experience, and user interface.
We highly recommend you go through some demo, and in app guidance before going ahead and choosing your next DAP.

This is crucial since thousands of your employees will work with this interface, and it must be easy and friendly to use, plus, it must make sense in terms of your brand’s voice and overall culture.

In-App help & support

The last, but yet very important thing to look at is what type of in-app support will you and your employees receive when using your new Digital Adoption Platform?
You’ll need no less than excellent support for implementing your new DAP as well as post-launch.
Support is crucial as it helps your users to find the help they need the most and immediately when they face any difficulties with the new software.

In case you have implemented a new HR platform for your organization, and you’re users are struggling with finding the best way to complete a task while using this platform, your new DAP solution must be flexible and supportive enough to help them get the help they need in order to move forward within their adoption process for the new HR platform.

Wrapping up

With Digital Adoption in high demand we can see more and more enterprises looking to implement the right tool, but can it scale? As you noticed within this article, there are many different tools, and all provide great features, insights, reporting, and analytics- but, the main question is, can they scale?
The answer is simple, the best DAP solutions are scalable, flexible, and most importantly user friendly.

We hope that by reading and ADOPTING some of the information provided in this article you can now make better decisions about your next Digital Adoption Platform, and take your corporate business to its next stage of growth.