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February 3, 2024

Top Sales Engagement Platforms You Should Know, Tips & Tricks To Get Started

The early adoption of sales engagement platforms has risen among B2B SaaS companies in the last few years, however the idea and methodology behind the sales engagement category has existed forever. Essentially, sales engagement showcases the different interactions that sellers have with prospects and customers along the buyer’s journey. It demonstrates the different touch points prospects go through their buyer’s journey until converted into paying customers.

In times when both buyers and salespeople become more tech savvy and smarter when it comes to buying and selling SaaS solutions the adoption of Sales Engagement Platforms just became inevitable. Adopting a multi-touch buying experience that’s personalized to the prospect’s industry and particular pain points is now vital for the success of revenue-driven organizations across the globe.

In today’s world, every touch in the buying experience is extremely important and that’s where getting the right sales engagement platform to work for you can be the major difference between a sales team that often hits and or exceeding their quotas to a sales team that never hits their quotas.

Today we’ll be covering all aspects related to the rise and the early adoption of the sales engagement platforms as part of your sales software arsenal, and which vendors you should evaluate when looking for the right software in this booming category.

What on earth is a sales engagement platform?

Sales engagement platforms essentially provide the right features that help your salespeople to better interact with their leads through each step of their buyer’s journey. Today, these platforms should be a part of your sales tech stack and are a crucial part of every successful sales team. Why?!

  • They help your sales team by automating repetitive tasks and records all data seamlessly into your CRM software.
  • It provides organized daily activity and data points.
  • Sales Engagement platforms are allowing easy ways of recording results and integrate with some other tools that allow voice recording to potentially improve the pitch of your sales team.
  • The sales engagement platform provides real time predictions, reports, and analysis to help the department managers spot weak leans or strong ones within their teams.

Top sales engagement platform vendors you should look at

In such a booming category, thankfully there are some top-notch Sales Engagement vendors that provide state of the art technological solutions to help your sales team take their role to the next level. Here are some companies you must get to know when looking to implement your next Sales Engagement Platform:


SalesLoft is an all-in-one platform that aims to power your entire revenue organization. SalesLoft helps you generate leads, engage, and follow up with them in the best way possible. Guide reps through the sales process, uncover problem areas in active deals, and drive product adoption, expansion, and renewals.
SalesLoft is a leading sales engagement platform that orchestrates every email, call, meeting, and interaction from anywhere.


Outreach helps accelerate revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform manages all prospect and customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide salespeople to take the right actions.


Groove is a leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce. Built for the needs of full-cycle sellers, Groove automates non-sales activities so that salespeople can spend more time building relationships and generating revenue, instead of dealing with time consuming, often repetitive tasks.

Reply is a sales engagement platform that helps you automate & scale multichannel outreach communications, so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster. You can also get a Free 14-day trial and test it yourself.


Another great sales engagement platform that suits Salesforce users. Dooly provide you with the fastest way to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and easily manage all your deals. Salespeople were born to sell, not do data entry and waste their time and energy!

DealHub Sales Engagement Platform personalizes the buying experience. Includes CPQ Software, Digital Sales Proposals, Contract Management, e-Signature, and much more. The company recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers, and sellers.

ZoomInfo Engage
ZoomInfo Engage is a highly popular integrated sales engagement platform for your salespeople, your customers and prospects. Rather than sending emails and waiting for them to respond or answer the phone, ZoomInfo Engage creates a real-time collaboration for each email that you send. It helps your sales team connect with more prospects, close more business, and capture every interaction that happens in between with a complete sync to your existing CRM software.

5 Tips to get started with a sales engagement platform

Now that we have a clear understanding on what Sales Engagement platforms are all about, and who are the top vendors within this category, let’s explore how to get started with Sales Engagement platform and what are the things to consider before getting your new solution in place.

Mobile app

Sales Engagement platform that has a mobile app in place would be perfect for your different teams since they can also work on the go, plus, having a mobile app allows more flexibility and a faster collaboration. The mobile app allows your different sales teams to be on the same page, documenting meeting details and moving opportunities forward in real-time.

Cadences & playbooks

Having the ability to use automated cadences and to easily generate sales playbooks making your sales team to become more efficient and to reach more prospects with minimum effort. Another important feature is the ability to route the right prospect to the most relevant pre-defined cadence so your sales people won’t need to manually do that.

SFDC integration

Most of the Sales Engagement platforms out there provide one-click Salesforce integration, but just for peace of mind, make sure that your next solution integrates with Salesforce. There are numerous types of integrations, do make sure that the integration supports a complete and automated data transfer, email automation, and account engagement alerts.

Prospecting capabilities

Prospecting is one of the most important things when looking to reach out to the right audience and is the initial process before even starting to pitch any prospect within your targeted account list. Being supported by the right technology is always great, but prospecting has always been a tedious task, therefore, different automation features regarding prospecting are highly important when looking for your next Sales Engagement platform.

One-click features

This is paramount to the success and scalability of your sales team. Having the ability to one-click call prospects, text them, or email them is a huge game changer for salespeople being able to reach more prospects and one-click their way to engage better with their audience.

The benefits of using a sales engagement platform for B2B SaaS companies

It’s already become the new norm for sales teams to adopt the different use of sales engagement platforms but what are the benefits for your business and how does it help in increasing your bottom line revenue? Let’s take a look.

Faster buying cycle

The whole idea of automation features inside Sales Engagement Platforms is to help your salespeople with sales intelligence. When everything is pretty much automatic and in sync, you don’t have to worry about your sales getting delayed, or postponed.

Having the right solution in place helps you track and monitor every phone call, email, SMS, and prospect follow-up. It provides you with the benefits of making more educated decisions about the further steps that you need to take regarding this particular prospect.By utilizing the different automation features you and your sales team can significantly shorten the sales cycle and get more done.

Empowered workforce

By providing your sales team with the latest tools and technology that aim to make their life easier, and their work much more productive you empower them and enrich them so they can sell better, faster, and hit or exceed their quota.
Powering your sales team with the right Sales Enablement software is a real game changer as they can focus on selling and remove the friction in their daily job by copying data from one place to another.


Meeting prospects where they’re hanging out, delivering the right message at the right time, and being more human by using automated features for interacting with your prospects – that’s what a great Sales Engagement Platform is all about!
Some features  also allow you to launch outreach campaigns with voicemail drop templates and custom email templates. These templates can help you save time in creating prospecting campaigns.

With multiple personalizations, automated and intelligent setups, a sales engagement platform helps in driving better and more updated personalized experience.

Growing bottom line revenue

A recent study found that sales teams who are using Sales Engagement Platforms, are seeing higher engagement rates, higher conversion rates, and a massive improvement in salespeople productivity, team collaboration, and even some increase in their overall project management motion.
The study also found that these sales teams have more often exceeded their quotas and helped in growing their company’s bottom line revenue which led to exponential growth.

Under the hood

All sales engagement platforms are applications that run on top of existing services, in many occasions your existing CRM software.
There’s no doubt that by having the right sales engagement strategy and tools in place, you can ensure that every salesperson is maximizing their performance and moving your business forward. However, if you’re just starting with building your sales team or revamp your existing one, we really hope this article has helped you gain valuable insights regarding the next steps in your endeavor to implement the right Sales Engagement Platform.