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The vast majority of the call center software solutions fall under different categories, which heavily rely on the goal you’re looking to hit and the different features, the nature of your business and you customer preferences, as well as your type of operations, and the ability of your teams to adopt the solution.

Here are some of the most common types of call center software you should be choosing from:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): The most in use software that addresses the majority of the modern call center telephony challenges, it basically comprehends touch tones from a dial pad or voices from an individual, in order to respond or take the next in line action (pre defined actions and workflows usually being set up once).

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): ACDs created with the main aim of handling how phone calls are routed to find the right rep or automated system to address the caller issue in the most relevant way and as fast as possible.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): By its name you can clearly understand that CTI is a call center software that brings together all communication channels (web-based, voice, email, etc.) into the call center space.

Important: You should have the full visibility and the ability to track down the important metrics in your call center software. These metrics will help you in training your reps and improving the overall call center performance.

What is a call center software?

Now, that we’re fully aware of the different call center solutions out there, let’s dive in and find out what is actually a call center software?

Call center software is often considered as a technology that permits direct communication between a company and its customers. Supported by the most modern features and functionality, it has the ability to automate the process of receiving and addressing customer concerns via phone.

The main goal behind implementing a call center software is to deliver an updated, quick, and frictionless customer experience and build your brand credibility in the eyes of your customers and prospects. So whether you have thousands of agents in several call centers or just one agent to handle customer service for your business, you need the right call center software in place.

Today’s customers are most likely to reach out and or engage with your company via messaging channels which are booming in recent years. Channels like, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Facebook Messenger are growing in popularity for customers who are contacting their favorite brands.

So why to invest in a call center software?

Simply since there are the other segment of your audience and you’re not only serve Millennials and Gen Z customers. People in different ages still prefer the good old phone and that’s why many companies still keeping this as an open communication channel.

The benefits of a call center software

So, after you already know that different segments of the population are preferring only text based, messaging communication, what are the benefits of a call center nowadays?

Taking the load off your support agents

By having a proper call center software in place you insure that every call is being answered with ease and is quickly being addressed by providing the most accurate and relevant information.
Another great benefit is the way calls are being answered and handled, so your support agents don’t have to pick up the phone and direct or answer repetitive customer questions, you let your automated software do this for you, and free up precious time for your support agents to deal with what matter the most, building true and genuine long lasting relationships with your customers.

Less workforce, more automation = Increased revenues

By having an automated call center software you can only have 25% of your workforce in place, means, if you had 100 support agents before implementing the new software, now you can get the same performances or even higher ones, with only 25 support agents, simply since they are powered by automation features that makes their work much more productive and save you lots of money in hiring, training, and salaries of your employees.

24/7 round the clock support

By having a modern call center solution implemented, you can rest assured that you never miss a call, if the support agents are out of office, the automated call center software will help your customers getting the most relevant answer to their question, even during public holidays, or over the weekends.
In some cases when the software can’t seem to find the relevant answer to the customer query, it will hand over the call to the next available human agent.

Customer experience is everything

When you are supported by the right technology your customers knows that, and in many cases they can also appreciate it. Think of a smooth, ongoing, and frictionless customer experience and what your customers are actually experiencing while contacting your call center via phone, they get a response within the first few seconds, than they need to kind of self-serve redirect themselves to the appropriate channel till resolution.

The rise of the cloud based call centers

In the past, and some are still today, most contact centers were hosted on-premise, these systems are using in-house servers, software, hardware, and all other associated infrastructure kept within the premises of the company.
In this setup, you have full control over your infrastructure. Your IT team handles implementation as well as repairs, maintenance work, and upgrades. but why it’s not popular anymore nowadays?

The answer is simple, since it’s not cost effective anymore, and it’s not scalable.

The cloud based call center software is installed on servers hosted in the Service Provider Data Center. Your support agents can access it from anywhere as long as they have a solid internet connection.
The provider (3rd party) handles the implementation and keeps all the necessary infrastructure in their data centers, so you don’t have to worry about this at all.

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