Customer Service Software

The whole concept behind customer service software is that to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with your business, services, and the adoption of your solution within their organization.

The formula is very simple and straightforward – Happy customers keep coming back and spending their money, while unhappy customers will cause significant damage to your reputation, and in some cases will make sure that other prospects won’t buy from you, it’s all up to the experience they got from your brand.

For these major reasons and more, nowadays, customer service is set as the #1 priority for every company out there.

Luckily, we’re in the age of digital and the right customer service software can make these challenges go away, with advanced use of process automation features and AI capabilities to better and understand and address you customers needs within the hour.
Ultimately, the best customer service software help your business with fast response times, crating more positive interactions, and happy customers that got their issues fixed in no time.

What is a customer service software?

The best definition for what is a customer service software, is you can think of it as some applications that manage customer queries and issues as well as keeping their contact information and customer data in one place. These serve as organizational networks that help you deliver the services needed to satisfy the needs and wants of your customers at any given time and through any channel they prefer.

Customer service software, also widely known as ‘CSS’ is a configuration of technology and organizational networks that are designed to deliver the most accurate and relevant resolutions that are intended to satisfy the needs, wants, or aspirations of your existing customers.

What are the benefits of using a customer service software?

Customer service software allows you to manage, organize and respond to all customer service queries in a timely manner, and the best part of it is that you can automate response for lightning fast resolution and let your support agents deal with the more complex tasks. It also helps you track all customer service requests by using advanced reports in order to better analyze your important customer service KPIs such as: response times, email open rates for existing customers, preferred communication channel, and much more.

Here are some key benefits you get by using an advanced customer service software for your business:

  • Better agent productivity.
  • Advanced automation features for lightning fast ticket resolution time.
  • One click measuring and reporting – real time, customizable dashboards.
  • Higher retention rates.
  • Keeping all customer service related issues in one place.
  • Ticket prioritization.
  • Omnichannel customer service allow your support teams to respond to customer requests using a variety of communication channels.

Simply put, having the right customer service tool is essential to providing excellent customer service, which leads to greater retention rates and higher revenues.

The best customer service software allows you and your teams to create streamlined automated processes that will help you serve your customers better, faster and in general giving a high quality service – all at ones.

How to choose a customer service software?

With so many solutions out there, how do you make sure you’re making the right choice about your next customer service software? Here are some important points you should look at when evaluating your next tool:

What channels does your customers prefer using while contacting your support team and which channel is most profitable for your business?

I you know the answers to these questions you’re already half way there, simply since knowing which channel is most popular among your customers is crucial for the success of your customer service operations. For example, if you’re service a large segment of the market which is considered ‘Gen Z’, they would probably like using instant messaging platforms such as: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even SMS. Choosing your next customer service platform and making sure it seamlessly support’s these channels will make your future work much more productive and easy.

What are some other things to look at when choosing your next customer service software?

  • Ease of use, and seamless digital adoption.
  • Is it easy to set up? what does the onboarding process entails?
  • In case of need, does the new software supports various languages?
  • Scalability, you must look for a flexible but yet scalable solution as your business grow.
  • Cloud-based or in other words, is it remote friendly or not?
  • Team collaboration features.
  • Automation features.

The power of self-serve customer service and the increasing adoption of knowledge centers and FAQs

Some customer service challenges arise on a regular basis. Some customers also want to just take care of the problem themselves, without having to spend time engaging with support staff, and as we’re drifting into the future the need for a self-serve customer service portal is increasing dramatically.

An online knowledgebase or even a FAQ page can be as simple as a few links to support articles on your company website, or it can be a massive, dedicated knowledge center can help in addressing these challenges and save your customers and support teams some precious time in ticket resolutions.

Imagine yourself this scenario when your customers are facing an issue and are looking for fast and relevant resolution, why should they call and wait on the line for like 20 min? or why should they send out an email and wait for several hours till they get a response?
These days are long gone, and companies who are not providing with fast and relevant resolution, mainly backed with advanced automation features, canned responses, and self-serve knowledge center are lagging behind and will lose current and potential business.

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