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The power of email marketing software is HUGE. You can reach your targeted audience with personalized messages based on their preferences and the stage they’re at in the funnel.
From lead nurturing, to special offers, or some news about your brand, you can achieve all your goals with the right email marketing software and strategy.

The major benefit of using an email marketing software is that it constantly let you keep your contacts engaged, it lets you automate different email sequences using pre defined workflows, and the most important part is that, email marketing as a channel – considered to be the most cost effective among all marketing channels.

From small to large enterprises, the use of email marketing software is only increasing with years, allowing companies to perform almost every task, whether if it’s outbound or inbound marketing.

What is an email marketing software?

The nature of great email marketing software is to simply manage your contact lists, allow you design and send relevant emails, and track whether your sent emails were opened and read, and where did the recipients have clicked within the email. Starting with minimum budget, or effort you can start sending emails to your audience with a few simple steps.

One of the crucial elements of a successful email marketing strategy and execution is the CRM integration which essentially allow you to see which of your contacts have clicked and or engaged in any other way, or which of them have unsubscribed. The CRM integration gives you a wider view and it automatically updates when a user takes action.
The second element is tracking and analytics, every marketer who set up an email marketing campaign would be able to see the campaign performance and other insights such as:

  • CTR.
  • Which section had the most clicks.
  • Geographic area of where clicks generated from.
  • Who read, and who skimmed the email.
  • Spam, and unsubscribed contacts.
  • Open rate.

With so many metrics to look at, marketers now have the full ability to understand what they need to improve for their next campaign, and figure out the following:

  • Is this the right audience for this campaign?
  • Was my email too long/short?
  • Was my email too narrowed down on a specific topic?
  • Should I include less/more links in my next email?
  • Will it be ok to send to non-openers?

As you can see, there are many insights marketers can gain from initiating an email marketing campaign, question is, how knowledgeable they are in translating this valuable information into actionable insights?

Does email marketing still work?

The success of an email marketing campaign come in different forms, and mainly depend on your end goal and what you’re trying to achieve by sending this particular email.
Open rates will always play a main role in an email marketing campaign regardless of the end goal, engagement, and lead generation are coming second as these are not always the main goals in an email marketing campaign.

For email marketing to be successful, it must focus on several parameters such as:

  • The quality of the targeted audience.
  • Highly engaging subject line.
  • The right message at the right time.
  • Scarcity and or other message that resonate the most with this group of recipients.
  • The right software.

Recent study shows that email marketing is outranking popular platforms such as social media, SEO, and PPC advertising. While it still has its competition, it’s undoubtedly still the best and most cost effective method any business should leverage.

The benefits of using an email marketing software

While email marketing is a well known approach to engage, retain, and win more customers there’s more into this great marketing approach, here are some other benefits businesses are getting by using an email marketing software:

Lowest cost

One of the best things about email marketing is its lower cost compared to other popular marketing channels. When backed by the right email marketing software that help you to automate, track and evaluate your emails, you gain the power to oversee and analyze your campaign performance.

No marketing channel is cost effective like email marketing, while social platforms, and Google AdWords just become increasingly expensive, email marketing is charged based on a monthly or a yearly subscription.

Highest ROI (return on investment)

Email marketing’s power lies in its ability to allow businesses of all sizes, regardless the industry they serve to gain a high return on investment.

Due to its low costs, the ROI companies are seeing from using an email marketing software is the highest among all marketing channels. Some companies report a return of $44 for any $1 they spend!

Smooth onboarding, easy measuring, swift reporting

Isn’t it great? you can get started with an email marketing tool in just a few clicks, since they all are running on the cloud, plus you can pay as little as $29 USD per month to start using all the different platforms features like, designed templates, images, layouts, and more.
You get all the metrics about you campaigns in one simple dashboard, and you can report easily by download the dashboard metrics and place them into your weekly/monthly/quarterly/ presentation.

Deliver the right message at the right time

There are many tools that will help you reaching out to the right audience at the right time using the right message, but no tool like email marketing that will enable you to send out the right message with the help of automation and workflows features.
There are so many ways you can do this with the help of the right email marketing software, here’s a great example: You can create an automated email workflow for any user who downloaded an e-book from your website landing page. Afterwards, this user will be entered into an email cadence:

– First email will include a thank you message for downloading the e-book and the download link.

– The second email will be sent 5 days after and will include some insights for the user regarding the e-book and showcase other things your company is doing with the main goal of nurturing the user.

– The third email will be sent 4 days after the second email was sent, and will include some other information about the e-book progressing, your company, a social proof or a case study, and even a webinar invitation.

The entire goal of creating an email cadence is to educate, and nurture the prospects so you’ll get a more reliable and a stronger brand image.

This is just one example out of many, for utilizing the power of email marketing and grow better and faster.

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