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How to choose the right software for your business?

Before deciding about investing in software, it’s important to consider a few parameters that can help you choose the right solution for your business.

Besides the monthly or yearly price for the software, you should also consider support costs, possible upgrades and the need for employee training in case the software you choose is not a PLG product.

We recommend comparing between at least 3-4 vendors before taking  a decision. The moment you have compared between different vendors you will have the power to see the ‘big picture’ and to understand which product meet your business needs best way possible.

Integrations & customizations
You should always understand what type of integrations are offered by the vendor, how well this new solution will sing with your existing Tech Stack, and what efforts required from you and your team to implement this new solution. Last, find out what customizations you need and if there’s any cost involved.

Product support
Support plays a key role in whether a software is a success or failure for your business.
The first thing you must be aware of is the support hours for the product your evaluating, check the support team time-zone and the language they support.
Another important component is the form of support offered, is it by phone, email, live chat, or all together?

The way data is collected, secured, and shared is what can make or break any product, service, or software.
Make sure to review the security page and security protocols for any software you are evaluating. You should also need any suggestions from a compliance officer or lawyer so they review the new software security policy and legal agreements before taking any decision.
The compliance regulations depend on the product use case and your industry, we already seen many software buyers taking a decision without making sure that the new software comply with their organization security guidelines and then failed to deliver.

Added value & ROI
Buying a more expensive software because it presents a great list of features isn’t necessarily the right thing to do, simply since many of those features might not even apply to your business or will never be used to it’s fullest potential.
You should look for scalability, means a software that can grow as your business grows. In some occasions you’ll be surprised to find that the cheaper product becomes highly expensive as you’ll need more seats, upgrades, and services.
We highly recommend you prepare for possible business growth and always keep in mind that many solutions out there are not always the best option as it might seems at first place.

Your team
They are the one’s to use this software, try to brainstorm with them, ask them the right questions and get to know their personas as best as possible. 
Knowing your team’s advantages and disadvantages will help you take a better decision, a one that will resonate the most with your team’s culture, technology knowledge, and adoption.

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