Marketing Software

By nature marketing software refers to tools that help organizations across the globe to successfully execute paid campaigns, and convert leads into sales. Companies, at any size, and maturity level, should benefit from the wide variety of the available marketing tools out there.
Anything from, email marketing, lead nurturing, building funnels, and scaling the sales process with the modern approach of marketing and sales alignment can be relatively ease to achieve using the right marketing software to boost your revenues.

What are the benefits of using a marketing software?

First, you should know that the HUGE benefit of using marketing software is automation – Automate the repetitive tasks and pave your way to a greater revenues.
Besides, automation saves you much time, for example you can create multiple campaigns to send scheduled-customized emails to any number of leads or customers; set-up auto-responders for daily follow-ups; or automate messages for various social media channels.

Another great advantage of using marketing software is the focus on a customer centric approach and building true and meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects.
The daily customer activities helps personalize the interactions and improves them with time to help you and your marketing teams to deliver more added value to your prospects and customers.

Reporting is pretty much everything in today’s world.
The ability to easily create dashboards and custom reports is crucial when operating in fast growing environment. You can analyze the data generated from the different campaigns and use it to know which campaigns are profitable and which ones are not. You can also organize and share these reports automatically with other teams or team members and report back to your VP or CEO.

The best marketing software often becomes the single source of truth for many marketing teams, and this is exactly the moment of realization where you understand that you did the right choice in getting the best marketing software for your business.

Last, working with the best marketing software will essentially increase your ROI and improve your operations all at once.
A recent Forrester research found that B2B marketing team who implement marketing automation software experience a 10% increase in their sales-pipeline contribution – and can attribute marketing more easily towards company’s revenue.

How much does a marketing software cost?

Pricing is an important factor for companies investing in marketing software (pretty much all the companies across the globe are investing in marketing software). Companies want to reach potential leads in the most cost-effective way, and there’s no other way of doing this besides of having a well structured marketing strategy powered by the right marketing software to execute.

Although some vendors offer pricing details to the public (usually on their pricing page on their website), some others need to be contacted directly for a quote, and even then only on the third or fourth interaction with them you discover the price and value.

The different marketing software vendors often use a SaaS pricing plan. which in other words mean that companies pay a monthly subscription fee to access the marketing software through the cloud.

Monthly subscription
Some vendors offer monthly subscription plans with tiers based on the different features and the number of contacts. The highest tier plans usually involves integrations with other sales platforms and the ability to segment target audiences and nurture leads in the most effective way the modern technology allows.

This type of pricing plan is most suitable for companies that need advanced functionality to analyze their target market, convert leads or cross-sell their products and or services.

Annual subscription
It mostly work in the same structure of the monthly subscription, though you pay annual fee, upfront, but the real benefit here is that in most occasions it is much cheaper overall form the monthly subscription plans as you commit yourself for a full year of contract.

This pricing model works best for B2B companies that are surely going to make the most out of this solution.

Implementation and onboarding of marketing software

Numerous vendors require companies to purchase an implementation and onboarding package before they even signed up. This usually includes data migration, training, dashboard and reporting setup, and any support and guidance the customer might need before the actual onboarding takes place.

Since most of the marketing software are running on the cloud the implementation and customization are pretty straightforward and do not require any special skills or knowledge.

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